Thursday 8 March 2012

New Wargame Transfers for the Livonian Brothers of the Sword

Hard on the heels of our waterslide transfers for the Teutonic Knights comes the Schwertbrüderorden; Livonian Brothers of the Sword.

Less well known than their associated Order the Teutonic Knights the Livonian Order of the Sword was a German military and religious order, founded in 1202 by Bishop Albert of Livonia for the purpose of conquest and Christianization in the Baltic lands. The Order was organized in the same way as the older Teutonic Kinghts.

 The latest value sheet of wargame waterslide transfers from Battle Flag contains enough decals for the barding, cloaks, surcoats and shields of 12 mounted knights of the Order as well as their Standard and 4 lance pennants.

You can purchase these and the transfers of the Teutonic Order, as well as all our other true waterslide transfers, from our secure online shop at

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