Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Teutonic Waterslide Transfers for Fireforge Teutonic Knights

Following numerous requests the all new true waterslide decals and transfers from Battle Flag for the stunning new Teutonic Plastic Knights boxed set from FireForge are ready.

With over 160 individual transfers the sheet has enough decals for the barding, surcoats and cloaks as well as 4 lance pennants of all 12 Fireforge Teutonic Knight as well as a superb Hochmeister banner.

As with all Battle Flags waterslide transfers they are true waterslide, tough and flexible and dry to approximately a piant layer thick. Even over the most basic of paint jobs these will allow you to produce a superb looking unit of Fireforge Teutonic Knights.

To purchase these or any other transfers in the Battle Flag range of true waterslide decals and transfers go to our secure online shop at