Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Waterslide Transfers and Decals for 28mm Teutonic Wargame Figures and Miniatures

Having finally gotten over the pneumonia and the house and office move completed the design schedule is up and running again.

The first new release in the waterslide transfer range is for the Teutonic knights of the 13th Century. Small and large heater shields with the ubiquitous crosses and eagles of the Order. All the shields are unique with each shield carrying different wear and tear helping the modeler to add individuality to the ranks of their German knights.

As with all Battle Flag true water slide transfers and decals, for shields, realistic damage and staining has been added to create an effective battle worn appearance. Each shield carries the evidence of hard fought battle. From the advance through the mud and dust, every sword slash fended, to the blood and snot of the vanquished enemy each shield tells its own story.

I will be adding the final sets to the Teutonic 13th Century this week along with the first Gallic and Celtic along with some more of our superb Greek shields over the next few days, so be sure to keep checking in for the latest news on our 28mm wargame water slide transfers and decals.

You can purchase thes from our secure online shop at www.wargametransfers.com and remember First Corps Miniatures carry our full range of transfers and flags at all major UK wargamge shows.