Tuesday, 13 September 2011

28mm Scale Tartan for Wargame Miniatures and Model Soldiers

I am sure that there are many gamers who have always wanted to field Scottish Regiments in their British Napoleonic wargame armies. But like me have felt that their skill with a paint brush just wasn’t up to the task of painting model soldier tartan in 28mm wargame scale. With Battle Flags latest series of transfer kits for the Victrix 28mm plastic Highlanders getting tartan right on your wargame miniature is no longer a problem.

The Gordon Highlanders are the first series of kilt kits to see release with the Cameron’s and the Black Watch to follow over the next couple of weeks.

The Napoleonic Highlander waterslide decal kits come with enough transfers to deck out five wargame model soldiers in full tartan. Each sheet is numbered so as to correspond with the sprue number of the figure in the Victrix Napoleonic Highlanders box; so Cameron sheet B1 is designed for the five B1 models contained in the box, B2 for the B2 numbered models and so on.  

Each of the five figure waterslide decal kits comes complete with transfers for kilts, bonnet bands, sock tops, water canteen and backpack Regimental number. Everything a wargamer need to make his Scottish Soldiers stand out on the wargames table.

As with all Battle Flags transfers these are very simple to apply. Simply cut the transfer out of the sheet, soak in water for 20-30 seconds and apply.

Our ultra thin transfers are very easy to slide into place and fold to the shape of the model and dry out to approximately a paint layer thick for a superb finish.

The first five sets for the Gordon Highlanders are available to order now. More than enough for a complete 24 fig Regiment.

You can purchase these and any other Battle Flag wargame products at our secure online shops, Battle Flag or Wargame Transfers