Saturday, 7 January 2012

New 28mm Teutonic Knights Waterslide Transfers & Decals

This week sees the release of our new waterslide transfers for mounted 28mm Teutonic Knights.

28mm Curtey's Miniature Teutonic Knight with Battle Flag true waterslide transfers and decals

Released on two sheets the first set provides not only enough transfers for the Standard, lance pennant, barding, surcoats, cloaks and shields for three command figures but also up to 3 more mounted knights depending on how they are used.

The second set contains enough decals for 6 fully barded and mounted knights of the order with lots of spare decals for the men-at-arms and other infantry.

You can purchase these and many more of our real waterslide wargame transfers at our secure online shop

Next week will see the release of more transfers for the early knightly orders and the first of our superb new Gallic and Celtic designs.