Friday, 26 August 2011

New High Quality Wargame Decals and Transfers

The all new waterslide transfers for wargame miniatures are now available from Battle Flag. Unlike other makes of transfer these are true waterslide, no plastic film to peel off, no sticking the transfer to the wargame figure and hoping you have placed it correctly first time. Simply pre-soak the decal in luke warm water, for approximately 20 seconds and slide it into place, then adjust until you are happy with postion. Simple as that and great results every time. The special carrier film, currently unique to Battle Flags transfers/decals dries to approximately a paint layer thick and is therefore easy to blend into the paintwork.

Kingmaker 28mm Knight with Battle Flag Barding Kit

28mm Spartan Shield Transfers available for 1st Corps and Scarab Miniatures

28mm Early Greek Shield designs

Battle Flag have created full colour detailed artwork; shaded, highlighted and distressed. Battle Flags wargame transfers are not simple clip-art but fully finished decals.This allows the wargamer and model soldier collector to create stunning museum quality shields, clothing and horse barding first time, every time.